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Midnight in the Forest of Rock and Roll Nightmares

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My latest threadless submission is a collaboration with Mandy of B3S. Go vote now!

The Book of Robots! RF meets TROTW

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The Book of Robots

It’s time to rewrite history for fun.

For this project we would like to invite other artists outside robotface who feel they would make a nice contribution to the book.

The objective for each artist is to capture a moment in past or future history of the robot legends of all times, and create artwork based upon that, plus some text telling the viewer the story behind it.

For example, one of the pieces of the book will be “The Discovery of America by the Robot Pirates”. If you have an idea for a piece and want to show it before getting to work on it you can contact us by email at any time.

Participants are free to work with any media they feel comfortable with.
As long as you can provide us with a 300dpi copy of your piece (if selected) and the artwork doesn’t exceed the artwork area as indicated on the template file

Along with this book i decided to include blind sets of 5 robot stickers. The designs for these will be chosen after the main artwork selection.

Name: “The Book of Robots!
Release Date: Oct/Nov 2007

As Boteus said while riding a desertbot into eenia:
“My telemetric vision knows no boundaries, either this book.”

So get your wire-free caffeinated beverage at hand and get on with the awesomeness!

For the template and further info please visit the book site