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Lord of the Rings Sketches

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I recently was sent 306 “sketchcards” to draw for Lord of the Rings Masterpieces II from Topps. Sketchcards have the requisite backing that one would expect on a trading card (glossy, full color, adorned with likenesses of the movie characters). On the front, however, is a surface receptive to making a mark.

Before having been sent these cards, I was asked to do a test for New Line Cinema. As was mentioned before when I posted my first penciled value work, I learned to draw digitally over the last three or so years. I’ve not done a lot of analog drawing, so I thought this would be a good challenge. Here’s the aforementioned test sketch:


After having been sent the cards, I continued drawing with this pencil approach, but do to the quantity of cards and the relatively small period of time to deadline, all that seems to be expected of the participating artists is a con-style sketch. Loose, gestural, not terribly elaborate. I started to experiment and, for the first time ever, picked up a real brush and ink.

Now, I have to qualify that statement. It’s a tad misleading. I’ve worked with PITT Artist Pen Brush Pens a bit. I thought I’d had decent control with those (mostly just noodling around in sketchbooks after I took the initial analog plunge some weeks back). Compared to the control I received from this actual, bonafied brush, I think it’s safe to say this is the first time I’ve picked up a real brush and ink.

These six cards are my first ever forays into the world of analog, brush inking and, I have to say, I really like the results:

First Ever Real Brush Work

(Click the image for my Flickr page with larger sizes available.)

The lines aren’t AS slick and smooth as my digital work, but they don’t need to be. They’re charming. I dare say the process was faster and more fun than working digitally too.

I don’t suspect I’ll be giving up my Wacom anytime soon, but it is definitely a venue I want to explore further. I like the quality of the line I get with a brush. And there’s definitely some challenge in wanting to master its use.

A few more sketchbook doodles after the cut.

triangles and circles

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just killing some time waiting for an email. i’d like to start exploring different typographic styles soon. i feel like a lot of my work is always headed in the same direction and it’s time for that to change.


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playing around with type and values.

street drumming

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YouTube Directvideo link

this video has certainly made its rounds, but it never ceases to entertain and intrigue me. i love the ingenuity and sheer skill of this guy. truly an inspiration.

cardinal for xmas party invitation

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A quickie illustration for a friend’s xmas party invitation. This is actually just for the “save the date” invitation but likely will become part of the final invitation.