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Daily Sketch

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Peekin’ Jesus threadless submission

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My latest threadless submission was originally done for fray magazine issue #1 but looked like one Hell of a t-shirt…

peekin jesus

Go over and vote for it now!

Naughty James Tee Pt. 1

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Tee Design Rough...

I’m working on a tee design for an internet acquaintance of mine, and skilled photographer, Naughty James.

I want to give it a movie poster/book cover sort of feel. This is the sort of rough I pass on to a client for an initial design vetting. Once a couple of revisions get made, I start to work on a final image.

In this instance, I passed it along without the requisite camera in place (I need some reference from Mr. Naughty - I want to drop in a camera he uses and likes). Normally, I’d get that first, but this was a pretty laid back brief and I was eager to get his eyes on it.

Getting better with hand lettering is a high priority. This was fun to try.

casualty 07/08

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the brand new winter line from casualty dropped tonight and it’s definitely great to finally see it finished and ready to ship. everyone (at casualty and at onetwentysix) worked really hard on this line and we’re all very proud of how it turned out. please check out the look book, the blog, and the store to get your hands on some of my most favorite apparel designs i’ve ever done and also a bunch of other awesome designs that i’m proud to share the stage with.

also, for those of you who read the blog regularly, you may remember that i posted progress shots of some of these pieces over the past few months. read about them here and here.

Daily Sketch

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Until I can figure out why my images won’t show in syndication I will have to add links to the images. It kinda breaks the whole aesthetic of the thing but maybe its better that I talk about the art a bit, I have had complaints in the past about my silence.
This is a portrait of a friend and fellow artist Jon Contino. It was made in photoshop at 1000×1000 at 300dpi using a stock brush.
Low resolution
High resolution