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Panthera Tee for Sale

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A fan just emailed me. They wanted to let me know how excited they were to buy Panthera from Shirt.Woot. It was news to me! Head on over if you want to buy it. Sales last, sometimes, a day only.

Panthera Tee


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at work we ordered a few blank skateboard decks with the hopes of decorating the office with something a little more interesting than bills and manila envelopes filled with this years taxes. we each took one and attempted to create something cool and a little representative of the overall vibe of onetwentysix. this particular deck was drawn in pencil, then outlined with a regular sharpie, then painted over with prismacolor markers, then outlined again with paint pens and markers. check out the process shot after the jump.

Manga Studio Speaketh, I Listeneth

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Mark Leitch, Vice President and GM of Smith Micro, emailed me to say that Manga Studio 4.0 for Windows is indeed progressing towards a stateside release. Furthermore, a beta version was debuted at the NY Comicon last week. Perhaps more importantly to the existing Manga Studio 3.0 user base, a fix for Leopard is forthcoming.

I asked whether or not version 4.0 will be seeing a port for the Mac and will keep y’all updated in that regard.

In the meantime, I’ll be doing most of my linework in Painter X. I have a ways to go before finding a brush that mimics the Manga Studio offering closely, but at least the full color painting tools are swell to noodle with. If only Painter could handle 1200 dpi files half as well!

Manga Studio, Why Hath Thou Forsaken Me?

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Well, let me preface this post by admitting a sad fact from the start. There’s going to be a lot of whining.

You see, about a year and a half or so ago I purchased Manga Studio EX 3.0. In Japan it is just called Comic Studio. Oddly, were it named Comic Studio here, I think it would sell a lot better. Or, hell, even calling it Better Brush Algorithms than Photoshop would be a better title. It takes a leap of faith from a professed Manga skeptic like me to give the software a shot.

CelSys is the name of the company that sells Manga Studio in Japan. In Japan, version 4 has been available for quite a long spell. Those of us who don’t speak Japanese, or use Macs, have to wait till it is localized and ported.

Up until a few months ago, it was eFrontier who sold the software stateside and who ported it for the Mac, though not as a Universal Binary. Recently, Smith Micro bought Poser, Manga Studio, and Anime Studio from eFrontier at a time which just about coincided with the release of Mac OSX Leopard.

Herein lies the crux of the matter. Read about the problems this causes and my proposed solution after the jump.

Manga Studio EX is broken on Leopard. Not only does it run slower than dog manure because it isn’t a Universal Binary (which was a problem I dealt with in Tiger, too), but it simply won’t work. The only fix relies upon Smith Micro picking up where eFrontier left off. They would need to localize Manga Studio 4.0 and then port it to the Mac.

Despite Japan having released a number of updates to version 3 that we haven’t seen AND releasing version 4, those of us who use Leopard are left out in the cold. The buzz around the Content Paradise forums, a gathering place of Manga Studio users, is that it might be a gooooood long spell before, or even if, either of those two things happen. Smith Micro doesn’t seem too interested in dealing with the growing throngs of unhappy users.

I tried to fix the problem myself. After reading up, I determined that my best option was to create a Boot Camp install and drop Manga Studio and XP onto it. Needless to say, with Manga Studio being a dominant facet of my production pipeline, I started to spend my whole computing life in XP. I had to forget about my iTunes library on my Mac install, my favorite programs that were Mac only, and even had to deal with XP’s inability to read all my RAM and a host of other problems.

I thought I might install Vista x64 to solve the latter issue, but apparently Manga Studio EX doesn’t work on Vista either. Lots of people buying Manga Studio are unable to use it in nearly any capacity! Excellent.

After a really long period of using a nearly decade old OS to pander to the Manga Studio gods, I’ve had enough.

I’m ditching Manga Studio for my first love, Painter. I’ve started to export all my old files as PSDs and am not looking back. MS does one thing really well. Lineart. It does almost everything else very, very poorly. Unhitching my wagon from the burning viking effigy that was Manga Studio felt really cathartic. I’m happy to be able to use a modern operating system and leave XP behind, too.

The worst part is, I’ve personally evangelized to hundreds of illustrators, in person, about how great Manga Studio was for lineart. I’ve produced videos that have cumulatively been seen by hundreds of thousands of people. I feel like a straight up patsy. So, long story short, adios Manga Studio, hello Painter.

For comparison’s sake, here’s some pencil work from Manga Studio I did for a client recently:
Rough to Present to Client

This is some of my first pencil work in Painter from earlier this week:

Skateboard Monsters

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5 Illustrations for Mun2.