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NDA makes Ray a dull boy.

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Well, hello again! I’ve been working sixteen to twenty hour days for a couple of weeks. Multiple snow, skate, surf, and clothing lines. Band merch. Logos. Lettering. An art book for Comicon. Almost all of it is NDA, though. I’ve posted a few things to Flickr that are public and a ton more set to private. I [...]

Cardonald logo

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Here we have a logo for the, well the logo says it all. My constraints/brief was for it to be purple and green and for it to contain a thistle. Being the national flower of Scotland the thistle has been used in nearly everything and in every style and manner so it was a little tricky to try and come up with something unique for the client. Here is the logo the client ended up going with and may I say they were very happy, which made me happy which then in turn made the sun shine a little brighter (well the sun thing isn’t true).


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I just created my first font!! Have a gander I will upload it soon for your download pleasure!

Freedom Force 5 Tee

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I’m working on a few tee designs for the band Freedom Force 5. There’s a pretty ravenous fan base for these guys, so it’s a fun brand to work with. I’m trying out a few new things with my work. Focusing on bolder line variances more akin to traditional work is the main impetus for change [...]

Dr Sketches

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Oi Oi been neglecting this blog as of late not because I cant be bothered but been too busy to get some updates and waiting on parts for my computer to bring it up to speed.

So its been more pencils at the wonderful Dr Sketches, which if you haven’t been and you like any of the following –> semi-clothed people/drinking/live music/drawing, I recommend it.

This is one of my sketches from the last Dr Sketches I had to finish it up the road due to the fact it was only a 10min pose.

Tattoos and tassels