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Braaains! Tee Printed

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I am chest deep in work at the moment, but wanted to briefly direct attention to my new Threadless tee for sale, Braaains!. (Photos by the very talented staff Threadless photographer, Paul Octavious.) I wouldn’t have bothered, but, after one day, it is close to selling out in a few sizes! You can pick it up for [...]

Sleeping Gringo’s and Laker Fans

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Oh My!

I got my sketchcards back

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I guess I can post this now.

Page one
Page two
Page three
Page four
Page five
Page six
Page seven
Page eight
Page nine
Page ten
Page eleven
Page twelve

I think there were more, but I got tired of scanning them.
Should be enough for you to recognize them if you get them.
I hope you appreciate them if you do, I tried to make each one original, even if they are not all winners, they are not formula sketches.

I have six which were returned to me, not really sure what I will do with them. I will post pics later.

Old iStockphoto Battle. Retoid vs. Doodlemachine

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Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Round 5

I’ve gone Hollywood. Are you?

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I’m happy to say that I’ll have two canvases hanging in the I AM 8-Bit show this year. Further, I was really, ridiculously humbled and happy to see my name appear in the billing on the press releases. I’m lucky enough to be sitting next to a heap of names I really admire. If you’re [...]