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Art for a good cause

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My good friend James is known as Mr. Craig by the Grade 12 art students at Nicholson Catholic College in Belleville, ON. He does a great job teaching and trying to inspire his students, at least one of whom has gone on to a successful career in the arts!

Last year he asked me to take part in a show benefiting Habitat for Humanity. It seems that when James was buying planks of wood to build a fence, he got them about a foot too long. After cutting them all down to size, he was left with these useless foot-long pieces of lumber. Not one to waste materials, Mr. Craig distributed the wood among his students to be used as canvases in an art exhibit!

I was among a few of the “established” artists asked to take part. This was my first piece done on wood, and I have to say – it was an enjoyable process!

Evil Beware!

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I’ve been volunteering with the Canadian Improv Games off-and-on since 1994! I’ve even done a lot of the design for merch/adverts on the local level. This year I got to also design the national games’ t-shirts! After the Improv Camp staff/camper tees got such high praise, I was given free reign to do… whatever! The only caveat was that it had to be done in three colours for a white tee.

Voor-he’s Back (Punny!)

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Editorial illustration about the forthcoming re-start of the Friday the 13th series:

Blog sized version.

There’s something about the imagery of Jason Voorhees that really grabs me. I always saw him as a tragic figure and, as a pudgy, nerdy, sci-fi lovin’, comic readin’ kid, infinitely relatable. I was the sort of kid that cried when Godzilla died, so it’s not too much of a stretch to sympathize with Mr. Voorhees. I guess I have my parent’s lack of editorial oversight (as it pertained to the movies and books that I read and the culture I consumed) to thank for my tastes as an adult.

My Good Friend.

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High rez.

Stupid high rez.

ROKK “Maiden” Tee Design

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Rokk Clothing requested a ‘Maiden inspired design for UFC Fighter Josh Barnett. I’ve done a few attempts for them, the first shown actually being the second produced. It’s a four color design. Yellow, pink, blue, and green.

ROKK "Maiden" Colorway


Rokk "Maiden" Pencils


The final design, one I like a heap more (that actually strays more from the brief, leaving me more wiggle room to make an engaging image), is seen here:

Picture 8b


Picture 7b


Picture 6

Rokk Tee Pencils

Picture 2

Picture 4