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Cintiq 20WSX No Worky in Snow Leopard

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In case you didn’t catch my twatting on Twitter, the Cintiq 20WSX’s display goes googly-moogly after upgrading to Snow Leopard. It’s not like Wacom had months of anticipatory development time to ensure it’s compatibility or anything!

Apple support forum discussion on the topic.

Me lamenting Wacom’s monopoly of pen-based input devices and their lack of customer support on Twitter.

I sure do love my $2400 brick!

what is u doing?

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…I am drawing.

The letter ‘C’

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Drawing a new letter from the alphabet each week for a project on B3S.


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Last Year’s BBQ’ing (Catching up)

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Smoked Beer Can Chicken

- 1 Whole Chicken
- Herbs and Spices of choice
- 1 Onion
- 1 Beer (of choice) (I prefer hefeweizen or IPA)

Clean chicken.
Mix up all your herbs and spices and dry rub over the chicken, let marinate for 12 – 24 hours.

Remove rack from your BBQ and build a small fire at the bottom of the BBQ with a fruit wood of choice. I prefer using Apple, Cherry, Alder or Mesquite. Let the wood burn into some nice coals, then place some more wood on top and let the edges start to burn.
While fire is starting, grab your chicken and a beer can with your beer of choice, fit into ass securely and then place 1/4 chopped onion inside the chicken from the top. I used an old pot lined with oil covered foil to support the chicken upright and place it on top of the coals line in the photo below. Cover BBQ and keep an eye on it to make sure just the right amount of oxygen is let through so your fire doesnt die but allowing it to output the most amount of smoke. The pot also helps with the direct heat from the coals to not burn the chicken. BBQ until chicken is fully cooked. It should turn out nice and dark amber’ish red and super tasty.

A few smoked trout and blackmouth shots.

Summer Grilling the Cedar Salmon with Adriano