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Couple of drawings

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Cormack McCarthy’s The Road

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The Road was my first McCarthy book and the only one I’ve read, but I don’t think I’m jumping the gun when I say he’s my favorite living author. I dig the spartan prose and the way he discards all but the most important details letting you fill in the rest. He has a real painterly style of writing. The contrast between most of his prose/style and the way the last couple of paragraphs in the book were written punched me in my stomach. So. Fucking. Good.

I can’t wait to get my hands on the rest of his work.

I’m going to try a new style of blogging. Rather than a topical post that seems article-like, I’m going to do a daily open thread, updating the post if something good comes along, and talk about what I’m up to, what my friends are up to, and what I saw, read, or consumed that’s worth repeating.

I got my Rosemary & Co. brushes some time ago. After some break in time, they seem like a great buy. For the money, hard to beat.

Fantastical Fabrications

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Tonight at La Petite Mort, I’ve got my second solo One Night Stand. Last year’s show went over superbly, so I am looking forward to being in Ottawa again. The show’s theme this time around is “Fantastical Fabrications of a Forgotten Future”. I’m trying out some cutout/papercraft elements to go along with the illustrations, and am finally getting digital prints done up in time for the show (see below).

Working on some new paintings

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