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You’ll See Me There

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Well I’m I bit behind on my posts, but the Two Days Slow show is still going strong at Canteen! This is the piece I made specifically for the show. I wanted to work with a less detailed style, try something new. I drew the entire piece in Adobe Photoshop CS4, using a Wacom Cintiq 12wx tablet (final illustration seen above). Afterwards I had a half-dozen prints made, which I then cut out by hand and bonded together with some foam core, balsa wood, and all-purpose glue. The entire assembly was mounted in a shadowbox. I hadn’t really thought of it before, but with Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland being shown in 3D, it only makes sense that my Alice artwork is also shown in “glorious 3D”! Avatar, eat yer heart out :)

You’ll have to inquire at Canteen if you’re interested in buying the piece, though I’ve got some flat prints of it for sale. If you’re interested in a print, just post a comment here and I’ll make them available in the shop!


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