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Megaman 8Bit Deathmatch

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CutmanMike put together a DOOM mod that uses the sprites from the original 8Bit Megaman games and fuses them with FPS awesomeness. That effort is, aptly titled, Megaman 8Bit Deathmatch.

One item on my wishlist of personal projects was to sprite for a 2D asset populated 3D FPS with slow projectiles, platformer style, using the DOOM engine. Mike’s beaten me to the punch.

I used to be a 2D games artist, making and animating sprites, and I love the original cadre of sprite based FPSes. I want to A) kick myself in the ass for not pursuing that idea further and B) be glad the work is already done and I just get to play it.

If Parallels doesn’t want to run it, I’m installing Windows in Bootcamp for the express purpose of playing this game.

Benjamin Scrivens

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A portrait of Ben of Fright Rags fame. A great client; made as a gift to celebrate the printing of our Famous Monsters design. ~2 hours. Painter 11.

Bound for ICON6 and Los Angeles

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The Illustration Conference - Los Angeles 2010

ICON6 is quickly approaching, and while I’ve been meaning to post about this since I signed up back in April, I just haven’t had the time. Two years ago I decided to check out ICON5 in NYC. I signed up largely because James Jean was giving a 3hr workshop on digital painting, as I had previously posted here. While I’d promised to write more about my ICON5 experience, it seems I let that slide off my plate as well (the only other post on the subject being this one). So maybe before I get to talking about ICON6, I should write about ICON5 and why the experience has prompted me to travel across the continent to a city that may or may not sink into the Atlantic at any given moment (or 2012, if Jon Cusack is to be believed).

ICON5 was incredible. As a professional designer and animator, and someone who’s spent a lifetime drawing and eager to get back into the freelance world… it was an eye-opening and informative weekend of talks and panels discussion a range of topics. Everything was covered; from children’s books, through art galleries, all the way to editorial works. I signed up on the strength of ONE workshop, but in the end James Jean’s instruction was just one part of the myriad of awesomeness. But the best things about ICON5 was meeting other artists and illustrators; Sketch Motel‘s Huan Tran & Geneviève Cote, Rosemary Travale, and Craig Arndt – just to name a few.

So when ICON6 was announced I was eager to check it out. I had a short conversation with fellow Torontonian Michael Cho about the conference, and am glad to hear that he’s accepted the invitation to speak in LA (I finally got to meet Michael in person at TCAF, but that’s another story). There’s also been discussion amongst the artists who’re going to the con (or live in LA) about a possible invasion of the city! This is something I both dread and look forward too (well, my liver dreads it).

The plan is to tweet the whole thing – from the less-than-touristy touristic stuff Kim and I will be doing (galleries, restaurants, beaches), to the conference itself. so if you want to follow along in real time, follow me on twitter. But if that’s not your thing, I’ll make sure to post a lengthy trip review on the blog once we’re back safe and sound in Toronto.

EhOK! at Canteen

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loon-small beaver-small bear-small moose-small

The Canadiana-themed EhOK! group show opened at Canteen this weekend. Inaas asked me to take part months ago, and after some shipping kawfuffles my pieces made it to the gallery in time (thanks Mom & Dad)! Ming Wu posted some photos on his bog, both of the artwork, and the accompanying music show provided by Adam Saikaley and Cinéma L’amour. From the list of artists, I noticed Aaron Lashomb’s name… I wonder if it’s the same Aaron Lashomb I went to high school with…