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Relight The Spark: Creativity in Tumultuous Times

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Or something like that. I’ve been working a little differently these days, trying out new styles and techniques… well, maybe not entirely new, but I’m venturing out of my normal “comfort zone”. This piece was done for the Stylus Circular project that will hopefully be going to print soon (stay tuned), so this is a little sneak-peek for you!

I was working with a bit of a theme here; lately my creativity has been in the dumps and it’s been a chore just trying to get motivated to draw. I’ll be at work itching to go home and put pencil to paper, but by the time 6m rolls around I’m spent and can barely muster the energy to sit on the couch and watch TV. This was an attempt to capture how I was feeling about the whole thing.

Honoured Mention over at Project:Rooftop!

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Captain America Redesign

Waaaay back in July Project:Rooftop announced that they were holding a Captain America redesign contest. I decided to give it a go. I have submitted to a few contests there before, but never had any luck before. It’s not surprising though; there are usually over a hundred submissions by some very talented artists. The top three submissions are declared winners by a panel of regular and guest judges, with a few more honorable mentions listed in the initial results posts. These submissions are accompanied by remarks/critiques by the judges. There’s always a second round of honorable mentions that are posts sans remarks.

My hope was to get into the first round of honorable mentions, but being a realist, I was expecting to get into that second round – if at all! I’ve been working with my style and technique a lot lately and am moving away from how I used to tackle illustration. It’s been a fun-yet-trying process and I’m still not done… but I was pretty happy with the results of this illustration and after letting my submission e-mail sit for a few days I finally hit “send”.

When the results were posted and I found that I had tied for fourth, I was absolutely floored! Considering that the pieces were judged by some creatives that I hold in the highest of esteem (including Mark Waid and Dean Trippe), I couldn’t have been happier with their comments. I was beaming with pride!

everything you need

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