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I  will be doing a brief talk and introduction in the Arches in Glasgow on Tuesday 9th November. It will be in conjunction with the band Blacktzar at the Focus left evening. If you have a free evening pop down, as it should be quite an interesting night with lots of great acts.

let the right one in

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Close up-

Close up-

Influence Map

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(1) Scott Vanden Bosch. (2) Tony DiTerlizzi, (3) Ronald Searle, (4) Edward Gorey, (5) Mike Krahulik,
(6) Jake Parker, (7) James Jean, (8) Andy Helms, (9) Jon Klassen, (10) Rhode Montijo, (11) Scott Kurtz,
(12) Scott Campbell, (13) Kate Beaton, (14) Kazu Kibuishi, (15) Leo Espinosa, and (16) Emily Carroll.

A while back I realized that I was a fool. I was forcing myself to draw in a particular way in an effort to change my style. When I figured out that this was an error, I changed tactics. Instead of trying to artificially change my style, I decided to try and help it develop naturally.

I started collecting work by artists that I found inspirational. The Idea was that I would try and “dissect” these works and figure out what it was that drew me to them, and how I can use that to better my own work. I built a PSD that displayed all these pieces for easy reference.

Today I discovered a post by Kate Beaton that referenced an Influence Map meme, started by DeviantArt user fox-orian. I downloaded the template and re-worked (some) of my collected artists to fit the format. There’s too many influences to fit on one page, so I picked the most recent ones… spread among some older, more influential ones.

Click on the image above to get a full-resolution PDF