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TMNT Logo Hand-lettering

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A while back, and long enough ago that I think I can show it, I got a shot at designing the logo for the Nickelodeon TMNT reboot. I called back to the red headbands of the comics and the mutagenic ooze that created them with a fully hand-drawn, custom-made set of letters. The only thing I didn’t draw here is the (very) placeholder nickelodeon logo.

I didn’t win out, but I’m proud of my entry.

Republic of Loose Album Art

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I haven’t posted process shots in a while. There are a lot of new ones on my Flickr account, but I’ve been neglecting my blog. I just completed an illustration for Republic of Loose. This is my fourth or fifth illustration for the band and we’ve gotten into a bit of a collaborative groove, I think.

They understand and appreciate my weird sensibility for things that are monstrous, retro, campy, creepy, and sometimes borderline-inappropriately-sexual. I can’t help it. I make what I make. I’m not good at clever concepts. I’m just trying to make something personal and interesting.

Below is my first concept, the revision, and the subsequent completion of the image.







(As usual, bigger and more images available on my Flickr page.)

Corel Painter Brushes

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I thought I’d release my brushes for Corel Painter 11 since I’m on a sharing kick lately. You can download them here.

I used these brushes for the following pieces among many others.


Eat the Rich 6 Color Placement

Eat the Rich Detail 01

Eat the Rich Detail 02

Family Force 5 - Wake the Dead

Wake the Dead

whisky festival

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Recently I designed the logo for the Glasgow Whisky festival which was a great success. Apparently One of the best whisky festivals from what I was hearing on the day. The use of the branding was implemented very well, the branded glasses I had been especially looking forward to. The barrels had been stenciled and there was gobo light projections. Bellow is the logo and some photographs from the event.