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walk n skank

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The Mountain That Rides

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krismukai and maritsa held an open call for submissions for their Game of Thrones art zine. Here’s my entry; Gregor Clegane – The Mountain That Rides!

Follow-Up: Kris & Maritsa took the published Game of Thrones zine (called Blood Magic) to the GRRM signing last week. Looks like it was a cool event. Zine looks killer too – lots of great art, and a fantastic cover! Plus… it ended up in the hands of the man himself! Woot!

Hurk the Half-Ork (Revisited)

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Hurk the Half-Orc made his debut this past weekend in Belleville! The DM was gracious enough to allow me to have stats for his pet beagle Rofl (he’s not very good in a fight, but he helps when tracking stuff in the wild). Hurk’s not exactly the picture of a “hero”, but he’s pretty good at killing bandits. Especially with his +3 Flaming Axe of Flames!

Homemade Nibs

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I spent some time in the yard today collecting our rescued/rehabbed chickens’ fallen feathers to make into quills.

One of the things I liked about digital tools was the authorship I felt over the custom brushes I would make. That opportunity exists with analog and I haven’t taken advantage of it as much. I think by making tools we better learn how to use them to the fullest.

Figuring out the angle of the cut for the nib, the type of cut it to retain a good amount of ink, and the sensitivity level I’m looking for (and having direct control over it) is pretty fantastic. After a half dozen or so attempts, I’m starting to figure out what it is I’m looking for in a nib. It beats buying nibs in the store!

Feathers have more give and less snag than metal nibs. It’s akin to a brush. Good thick to thin. A light touch. I like them more than their metal counterparts.