About Robotface

Hello, This is Robotface.

This is the face we present to the public at large; our mask, our visage. But like the veritable iceberg, this is just the tip that pierces the frigid arctic waters. Beneath the surface hides a vast structure rich with creativity, community, and constructive criticism.

Who we are

We are a community of like-minded creative individuals; some who are professionals, others who have the passion if not the paycheque. We’re illustrators, painters, photographers, sculptors, designers, musicians, and even rock-climbers. A few of us are younger, several of us are older, many are still young in spirit. The majority of us say “elevators” and “chips”, while a healthy percentage would call them “lifts” and “crisps”. When one of us goes to sleep, there’s someone else just getting up. Some of us we have met, and others we haven’t, but we’re all BFF.

Where we came from

The Robotface Collective™ was born on the internet, shot forth from public spaces that devolved into tabloidesque noise. We’re from East and West coasts, from Highlands and low valleys, from densely packed urban sprawl and rural farms. We’re from London, Bellingham, Chilliwack, Los Angeles, Ottawa, DC, Earlville, Baltimore, Brooklyn, Eagle Rock, Castle Rock, Edmonton, Belgium, NYC, and plenty more… We came from nothing and everything; self-living. Having a community allows us the chance to work with peers and know that responses will be informative, inspiring, worthwhile, or at the very least - humourous.

What we do

The Collective trade inspirational links, help push forward each others’ work - personal or otherwise, and partake in the occasional community projects. We sift through the countless sites on the net and post about those we find truly inspiring. We also (shamelessly) plug our own projects and events. We report on shows and events or projects that the RfC™ has a hand in, and write reviews of ones we’ve visited. We’re a resource of creativity - presented by artists for artists - and anyone else who cares to read our words.

Why we do it

The RfC™ exists under a rather simple creed; “to improve our own art and that of the people around us“. While such altruism isn’t some cultish mandate, it’s openly encouraged to help others. We’re always developing our own skills, changing and/or evolving styles, and exploring new artistic territory. Having peers that you can rely on for support and guidance isn’t just helpful; it’s downright necessary!

When we’ll stop

Never. It would be impossible for any RfC™ member to not be inspired by the dedication and determination shown by each and every other member of the group.

How this all ends

Our involvement has been predetermined; we’re in for the long haul. The only question remains is whether or not you decide to join us for the full ride. The story continues, chapter after chapter; what page you decide to leave on is up to you.

- The Robotface Collective™