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robotface holiday card

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Download this card and more here.


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For the third year in a row we are proud to present free holiday cards for you to download, print, and enjoy.
With some welcome additions from the good people at the collection just keeps growing.
have a merry one!

cards plus two awesome papercraft toys from macula


The first set here, with such classics as bishops omgwtf merry xmas pooping reindeer.

holiday set 1

and last years set here…

holiday set 2


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RobotFace Presents a Childrens Book atozee!

After two long years, our book has finally come alive, both on the web and in print for only $9.78

20 Artists came together and collaborated on an alphabet book of animals that both kids and adults could enjoy, spread the love!

Twenty of the finest Robotface artists have assembled, for the children of the world, a list of 26 creatures, both real and imaginary, to assist with their memorization and understanding of the modern English alphabet. Enjoy.

atozee site
Buy me!

RfC™ Project:AtoZee launched!

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AtoZee Cover

It’s been over a year in the making but the Robotface Collective’s AtoZee project is finally being let out into the world! As a dual release, the book is being made available in print as well as online. Put together by Robotface’s own Chris Bishop, the site contains the complete works found in the book and uses a handy interface for browsing.

But the internet’s not for everyone; some of you might want to have a real live print version to read to your kids. That’s whyRobotface’s Eric Carl created an account at Lulu and has made the print version of Atozee available to the general public. At $9.78 (US), the book’s a steal and makes a great gift… order two though, you may want to keep one yourself!

Check it out: AtoZee Online and the Lulu product page.


Robotface X-mas cards.

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This years Christmas cards are coming soon, so please check in over the weekend. I will be posting the whole set as soon as the mini-site is up and the pdf’s have been created. Judging by the art received so far this will be a fantastic set.

We also have a book out, called AtoZ. Its a nursury school primer featuring fantastic animals from your friendly artists at robotface.

You can get it here. Its not quite public yet and the cost is no profit at the moment so get it while it’s hot.